HSE Coordinator Resume

HSE (Health and Safety Environment) refers to the set of protocols and principles governing three aspects of health, safety and environment at work. The HSE coordinator analyzes the organization's regulations and operations to check consistency with HSE protocols. He observes and examines the operations, safety measures and waste management systems of the organization and evaluates the threat it poses to the life of workers and environment. In addition, he presents guidelines to organization to check and combat the risks arising from performing hazardous operations. He also drafts precautionary and safety measures to help workers prevent accidents. Further, the job holder drafts training programs for employees on operating machinery safely, disposing waste materials safely, handling toxic and hazardous materials responsibly, and responding to emergencies promptly. Moreover, this position is important to organizations in following environment protection laws.

A degree in chemical is essential for this position. The candidate must have people skills, communication skills, and knowledge of inorganic chemistry and electroplating. Recruiters will also seek strong documentation and organization skills with math and computer skills. Read this job application sample and learn to show capabilities for the job.

HSE Coordinator Resume Example

Thomas J. Jones
3916 George Street
Ocala, FL 34471
Phone: 352-516-2313
Email: tjjones@freemail.com

Career Objective:

To obtain a HSE coordinator position with a leading construction company of the state where I can manage and maintain conformity of projects with local, state, and federal laws and regulations as well as impart training to workers on safety issues.

Summary of Skills:

Work Experience:

HSE Coordinator
KLM Construction Company, Ocala, FL
May 2013 - Present

HSE Coordinator
Jubilee Construction, Ocala, FL
March 2012 - April 2013



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