Nurse Staffing Coordinator Resume

A nurse staffing coordinator works with staffing agency and handles nurse employment duties across multiple medical facilities and department. If she is working with a hospital, she allocates departments and responsibilities to the nursing staff members based on their knowledge and abilities. She must possess special skills to work in particular wards as needs of patients differ with their ages, gender, ailment, seriousness of the aliment, etc. Hence there would be a difference in the knowledge and skills required for a nurse working in pediatric, orthopedic, gynecologist or neurology departments. It is the responsibility of the nurse staffing coordinators to identify the proficiency of the all nurses and allocate them wards and responsibilities.

With staffing agencies, these staffing coordinators collect job applications of nurses and conduct interviews for placement at clients' facilities. They may provide assistance in developing training materials for the nurses. In addition, coordinators schedule shifts of nurses and make sure sufficient numbers of nurses are available at any given time.

To work in a medical setting or placement agency, prior nursing work experience is essential to understand the job nature better and differentiate between the requirements of two different wards. If nursing education and experience are with you, refer this sample job application to apply.

Nurse Staffing Coordinator Resume Example

Sharon J. Newell
17 Wildwood Street
Orrville, OH 44667
Phone: 330-683-8566

Career Objective:

Looking for a nurse staffing coordinator position at “Health@Convenience” to hire and train nursing staff for various medical facilities across the state and ensure quality delivery of services to patients.

Summary of Skills:

Work Experience:

Nurse Staffing Coordinator
Flora Healthcare Staffing Agency, Orrville, OH
April 2014 - Present

Diabetic Nurse
Paramount Hospital, Orrville, OH
February 2012 - March 2014



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