Adobe Flex Developer Resume

Adobe flex developers work in a technological environment for designing and development of Flash based Rich Internet Applications (RIA) using Adobe Flex. They also develop components and user interface (UI) for applications. These professionals need to have hands on experience with all versions of Flex. They must also have strong knowledge of actionscript, Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, XML, XHTML, MXML, etc. Experience of working on different operating systems is also required.

Applying for a job

While drafting your profile document while applying for this post, use a formal tone emphasizing on your career objective, skills and accomplishments. Mention all the technical and personal skills that add to our productivity. Describe your previous work experiences with detailed description of the tasks that you performed. Include the details of your education and achievements. Follow the sample adobe flex developer resume below to know more.

Adobe Flex Developer Resume Example

Arnold Castle
1632, Carrillo Lane, Oakdale Avenue
Jacksonville, Florida 33215

Career Objective:

Wish to work as an Adobe flex developer to apply my knowledge of actionscript and experience of working with all versions of Flex to fulfill company requirements.

Technical Proficiency and Skills:

Employment History:

Adobe Flex Developer at Unicorn Technologies,
April 2013 - Present

Job functions and responsibilities

Adobe Flex Developer at KCR Technologies,
February 2010 - March 2013

Job functions and responsibilities

Academic Qualifications:


Available on request.

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