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GUI stands for graphical user interface. User interface establishes an interface that facilitates easy usage of the databases and applications. It organizes and presents information in such a way that it makes user's interaction with the device simple and fast. GUI format uses graphics to create interface. It presents icons that signify a particular function and thus helps the users to utilize the various functions of the system. Development includes understanding the different functions of the systems and analyzing the procedures for giving commands. Further, they design graphics and program the systems to perform definite functions by clicking on the icon. GUI developer requires acute technical competence that helps him to analyze errors, determine requirements, find shortcomings, and apply solutions to develop graphic user interface. A GUI developer requires knowledge of other fields too for which he is making the interface.

GUI Developer Resume Example

Alex Symonds
A/18, Purple Apartments,
Plano, TX 69850
Contact: 633 - 794 - 1512
Email Id:

Career Objective:

Aiming for a dynamic career as a GUI developer where I will get an opportunity to develop interactive user interface for a fast paced internet environment. Eager to find an opportunity that will allow me to use my creative and technical skills for developing GUI designs.

Summary of Skills:

Technical Skills:

Work Experience:

Designation: GUI Developer
Place of Work: Aptech Technical Solutions
Location: Plano, Texas
Period of Work: September 2012 - till date

Designation: Junior GUI Developer
Place of Work: Symmetry Software Tech
Location: Plano, Texas
Period of Work: July 2010 - August 2012

Training Details:

Educational Qualifications:


On request.

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