Chief Building Engineer Resume

A building can be used for residential and commercial purpose. Hence, it is subjected to maintenance to ensure longevity and safety of the users. Chief building engineers take responsibilities of these crucial aspects. They work with architects and other engineers in designing the building. They also get involved in the construction of the building and give advice as needed. When the building is ready for use, they maintain it by assigning and overseeing the maintenance work.

If trying for a chief building engineer position, draft your resume to show your knowledge of building codes, design and construction, maintenance, planning and monitoring activities of labor personnel, assigning equipment, and scheduling duties.

Chief Building Engineer Resume Example

Thomas A. Rodrigues
1467 Pointe Lane
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301
Phone: 954-934-9129

Career Objective:

To work as a chief building engineer for "Paradise Inn & Suites" and perform maintenance work of the hotel thereby ensuring its safety for the staff and guests.

Summary of Skills:

Work Experience:

Chief Building Engineer
Brandy Building Services, Fort Lauderdale, FL
October 2014 - Present

Chief Building Engineer
Windy Building Services, Fort Lauderdale, FL
February 2013 - September 2014



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