Drilling Engineer Resume

Drilling projects in a country is usually carried out by the government or private companies licensed to conduct drilling of oil and gas wells. To manage and oversee the drilling work right from selection of the drilling site to inception and completion of the work, employers hire drilling engineers. These engineers prepare strategies to carry out the work safely and without affecting the environment. They also prepare project costs, get involved in the hiring of crew, and schedule and supervise the process of drilling oil and gas from the wells. They need to have good leadership quality, technical abilities, analytical, logical, and coordinating skills. The work also require them to stay away from their home and family as the drilling process is usually taken in a remote location or at offshore rigs.

Drilling Engineer Resume Example

Anthony C. Perkins
741 Bottom Lane
Buffalo, NY 14202
Phone: 716-712-7541
Email: acperkins@anymail.com

Career Objective:

An engineering graduate with knowledge about practices and techniques in drilling and extensive expertise in designing principles of gas and oil wells, intends to work in a reputed oil company as a drilling engineer.

Summary of Skills:

Work Experience:

Drilling Engineer
Hillcorp Energy, Buffalo, NY
October 2014 - Present

Drilling Engineer
Eagle Corporation, Buffalo, NY
February 2013 - September 2014



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