Instrumentation Design Engineer Resume

An instrumentation design engineer creates and develops instruments for a wide variety of purposes. These instruments may vary from complex software systems to simple mechanical measuring tools. Some of the typical job responsibilities of these professionals include creating and developing instrument drawing, creating prototypes, testing, troubleshooting and installing. These individuals work with clients to develop requested products. The field requires sound knowledge of engineering principles and applications.

Applying for a job

The sample resume provided below will act as a marketing tool that advertises your credentials, qualification and professional experience. A well drafted and organized profile document is of vital importance to get an interview call. This sample communicates all the essential features of drafting a perfect profile. It highlights the career objectives, skills and responsibilities in a clear and precise manner. The aim of this sample is to help you in gaining the attention of your recruiter.

Instrumentation Design Engineer Resume Example

Jimmy Freeney
56987 Calumet Ave, Apt#9
New York, NY 10040
Contact: 123-423-8999

Career Objective:

Candidate with comprehensive knowledge about instrumentation designing and thorough technical aptitude related to engineering systems and tools, seeks to work as an instrumentation design engineer in a renowned engineering company.

Professional strengths:

Work Experience:

Organization: GE Engineering Services, New York
Duration: May 2013 till date
Designation: Instrumentation Design Engineer

Organization: Almec Engineering, New York
Duration: March 2010 to April 2013
Designation: Junior Instrumentation Design Engineer

Educational Qualifications:

Achieved Master's degree in Electrical Engineering, University of New York


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