Aircrew Life Support Resume

A simple and easy task of writing an aircrew life support resume is often mistaken to be a highly complicated task. Believe me, it's the simplest task you will ever do in your life. If you are confused regarding resume writing, then today is the day to clear all your doubts and acquire resume writing skills.

The professionals working as an aircrew life support technicians use different methods and equipment to provide a safe environment to the aircrew. An aircrew life support technician has to check that the necessary equipment are onboard in a working condition. They are responsible to train the aircrew on life support methods and using the equipment efficiently.

Apart from the aircrew life support specialist training course, the aircrew life support technicians also need excellent organizational skills to coordinate with the aircrew and other airline staff. They must be able to cope with emergency situations efficiently.

How to write an Aircrew Life Support Resume

An aircrew life support resume serves a joint purpose for you as well as the employer. It acts as a connecting bridge and provides a formal introduction to the employer regarding your qualifications. You need to make sure that the information you choose to provide in your resume attracts the employer's attention and allows him to make a decision.

The content of an aircrew life support can be divided into five sections. First is your introduction that comprises name, complete address, and e-mail and telephone number. Second is your career objective i.e., a brief statement that states your vision for the job. Third can be either a description of your skills or work experience, whatever order you may choose for the same. Fourth section of your resume is for the details of degree and certificate courses that you have completed. The fifth section is reserved for references of previous employer(s).

The sample resume of an aircrew life support technician will be of immense help for all the aircrew life support technicians.

Aircrew Life Support Resume Example

Donald Miner
4279, Longmire Lane, Offshore Avenue
San Diego, California 42210
Contact: 820-564-2284

Career Objective:

To work in the aircrew life support field where I can provide aircrew support, perform inspection and fitting of equipment for the safety of passengers and crew.

Work Experience:

Aircrew Life Support Technician, August 2012 - Present
Harrison Airlines, California
Key responsibilities:

Aircrew Life Support Technician, May 2010 - July 2012
Grantor Airlines, California
Key responsibilities:

Professional Skills:

Details of Academic Qualifications and Certifications:

Advanced Life Support Specialist Course, 2009
Aviation Training Academy, San Diego

Bachelor's Degree in Computer Applications, 2008
California Technical University

High School Diploma, 2006
Templar High School


Will be provided at the time of the interview.

This sample aircrew life support resume is written to provide special guidance for all the aircrew life support technicians. While writing your resume, make it a point to keep it accurate and clear.

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