Computer Support Resume

Your computer support resume helps you to get a perfect job that you have been dreaming since ages. The only precondition is to write your computer support resume in such a way that it convinces the employers regarding your ability to perform the job duties in an efficient manner. This requires some learning and understanding of resume writing rules and skills.

The job of a computer support technician is to provide technical support to the clients regarding the configuration, installation, maintenance; upgrade and other services related to computer systems and associated equipment. A computer support technician also provides training to the users regarding the usage and functions of hardware or applications.

Apart from the technical knowledge, a computer support technician must possess excellent problem solving and ability to learn the latest technologies for enhanced productivity.

How to write a Computer Support Resume

A perfect computer support resume is very easy to write even if you have never created a personalized resume before. This is because it carries the basic information related to the education that you have completed and the combined set of skills and experience that together makes you a productive computer support technician.

The simplest way to write your computer support resume is to keep it short, simple and free of errors so that the information can be easily communicated without creating any confusion for the employer. The best way to attain perfection in resume writing is by making few drafts in different formats and deciding on one which best suits your profession and competency.

The sample computer support resume will help you in learning the best way to create an effective resume without much effort.

Computer Support Resume Example

Glenn Johnson
17, Lagoon Apartments, Westin Square
San Jose, California 53219
Contact: 265-441-7230

Career Objective:

To work as a computer support technician and help customers by applying practical, logical, and accurate analysis in solving their problems in a timely manner.

Technical Skills:

Non-Technical Skills:

Details of Work Experience:

Computer Support Technician, August 2012 - Present
Dante Technology Services, San Jose

Key work responsibilities:

Computer Support Technician, February 2010 - July 2012
Gera Technologies, San Jose

Key work responsibilities:

Details of Academic Qualifications:


The sample computer support resume clearly shows that detailed information can be provided in a resume without making it lengthy. Use a similar pattern while writing a personalized computer support resume to gain professional advantage in your career.

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