Deskside Support Resume

Your deskside support resume holds great importance in deciding the course of your career. It acts as a messenger between you and the employer and it is your responsibility to send the right message by writing your deskside support resume in the best possible format.

Deskside support technicians or associates provide technical support to the clients using desktops. Maintenance, troubleshooting, up gradation and repairing of computer hardware and peripherals are some of the duties that come along with this job. Deskside support technicians also provide configuration, installation and training to the clients for using particular systems or application as the case may be.

The job of a deskside support technician is varied and to perform each function efficiently, they must possess sound knowledge of different computer and hardware systems and how to maintain and upgrade these systems. Continuous learning is mandatory for deskside support technicians even while they work to stay updated with the latest advancements.

How to write a Deskside Support Resume

Writing a deskside support resume is very similar to performing the job responsibilities. Just like the way you have to decide the course of action for a particular service requested by the client, you also need to decide a suitable format for your resume. Your knowledge and skills play an important role in your efficiency and your resume also needs to be informative with the content so that the employer is convinced that you are a perfect employee for the job.

A simple language combined with an explanatory approach for providing the information will be beneficial because it will be easier for you to face the interview if you provide true and relevant information.

If you need more guidance and explanation, you can refer to the sample deskside support resume provided here.

Deskside Support Resume Example

Allen Spicer
1426, Meckler Street, Crest Avenue
Carson, Nevada 77240
Contact: 251-820-4112

Career Objective:

A desktop support technician position with a computer hardware manufacturing company to provide technical assistance to clients in person, through telephone calls, and emails for resolving computer problems.

Technical and Soft Skills:

Details of Work Experience:

Deskside Support Technician, May 2012 - Present
Sylvia Technology Services, Carson

Key work responsibilities:

Deskside Support Technician, December 2010 - April 2012
Klinghoffer Technology Services, Carson

Key work responsibilities:

Details of Educational Qualifications and Certifications:


Dwayne Hill
Customer Service Manager
Sylvia Technology Services

Nicholas Grant
Customer Service Manager
Klinghoffer Technology Services

The sample deskside support resume is a complete description of an applicant's professional details. A similar approach to write a personalized deskside support resume will help you in every walk of your professional journey.

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