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A simple, informative and professionally written end user support resume doubles your chances of professional growth and success. This is because your end support user resume is not just a summary of your qualifications but a mirror of your overall personality.

An end user support technician provides technical assistance to an organization or a number of organizations. Though the job responsibilities of different end user support technicians may vary depending upon the requirements of clients, some common responsibilities are configuration and installation of systems and network, maintenance, troubleshooting, updating systems and software, database management and backup, etc.

A person aspiring to work as an end user support technician must possess broad knowledge of computer networks, software and applications, maintenance and troubleshooting, and multitasking and communication skills to perform job functions diligently.

How to write an End User Support Resume

Now there are good resumes, excellent resumes and outstanding resumes depending on how well you can write it. Yes, we know nobody acquires resume writing skills by birth or while studying in any university. Still it can be easily learnt by everyone equally. An end user support resume can easily help in bringing out the best of your qualifications and skills necessary for the job of an end user support technician.

A perfect end user support resume must include the details of your current and previous jobs, summary of educational qualifications and professional skills, basic contact details and references of your previous employer(s). The basic idea is to familiarize the reader with these details so that he/she can decide whether or not you are a perfect candidate for the job. Although the details are mostly technical, make it a point to present it in a simpler format so that it can be read and understood without spending much time.

Use the sample end user support resume template as a reference while writing a personalized resume.

End User Support Resume Example

John Little
3118, Franco Lane, Fort Zen
New York City, New York 33250
Contact: 860-253-4418
Email: little.johnny@freemail.com

Career Objective:

To obtain an end user specialist position in a software company and help customers by making use of technical and people skills for resolving issues related to products and programs.

Technical Skills:

Non-Technical Skills:

Work Experience:

End User Support Technician at Loyola Technologies, New York
Employed since August 2012 - Present

Work responsibilities:

End User Support Technician at Biller Technologies, New York
Employed from March 2010 - July 2012

Work responsibilities:

Details of Academic Qualifications:


Kim Davis
Operations Manager
Loyola Technologies

Keith Heine
Operations Manager
Biller Technologies

It is recommended that while writing your end user support resume, you should make a few rough drafts to see which format suits your qualifications and experience.

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