IT Production Support Resume

An IT production support resume will not only help you in securing a job, but also in creating a positive and long lasting effect on the employer even before you are interviewed. Employers can easily learn how well you have been performing in the past and your worth as an employee for the organization.

IT production support personnel of an organization are engaged in providing IT support to the clients and increase the overall productivity of the organization by implementing new IT applications and/or upgrading existing applications to cut on production costs and at the same time maximize the efficiency without compromising on the quality.

IT production support professionals need to have a broad knowledge of business application requirements for different industries. They must be inclined towards fulfillment of clients' requirements through constant support and improvement.

How to write an IT Production Support Resume

The very basic requirement of an IT production support resume is a complete description of the technical skills without which an employer cannot consider you to be an efficient employee. Another important section of your resume includes the work experience and the job responsibilities of your previous jobs. This allows the employer to understand how you can handle the responsibilities once you are appointed. Other essentials of a perfect IT production support resume are the details of formal education, contact information and reference(s) of previous employer(s) that complete the resume.

Read the sample IT production support resume which has been written to provide appropriate guidance towards creating a better resume for every IT support professional.

IT Production Support Resume Example

Neil Russell
8285, Bessel Lane, Antique Hills
Richmond, Virginia 72230
Contact: (757) 426-4881

Career Objective:

Looking for an IT production support position in a software company to provide consultative, and technical support for company's products and corresponding processes.

Technical Skills:

Soft Skills:

Details of Work Experience:

IT Production Support Executive, May 2012 - Present
Margarita Technology Solutions, Richmond
Primary work responsibilities:

IT Production Support Executive, August 2010 - April 2012
Ballard Technology Solutions, Richmond
Primary work responsibilities:

Details of Academic Qualifications:


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