Lab Support Resume

Writing a perfect lab support resume has a long term and positive effect on your career. Employers today search for the overall details of a prospective candidate in the resume and it is your job to inform the employer correctly by providing all the information required in the lab support resume.

Lab support workers are people who perform the installation and maintenance of laboratory equipment in a laboratory in educational institutes, research units, medical laboratories, etc. The lab support workers also repair any functional errors in the machinery and equipment installed and guide the staff on its features.

Lab support workers must have excellent knowledge of the advanced equipment used in a laboratory setting. They must also know how to operate and repair these equipment in minimum time to ensure smooth running of the laboratory activities.

How to write a Lab Support Resume

Do not get confused even if you have never written a lab support resume. It is not a guess work or something that will consume much time. You must think from an employers' perspective while writing the resume and write only the details that will be beneficial for the employer and for you to impress the employer.

Usually, employers are only in search of people who can be a worthy employee for the organization and this is possible only if they possess a specific skill set and experience that the job demands. You should provide this information in a very concise format. This will save your and employer's time as well and also allow the employer to take a quick decision.

The sample lab support resume is provided to give you a proper illustration as to how you can write an effective resume.

Lab Support Resume Example

Brian Tucker
4327, Bergner Street, Benjamin Square
Seattle, Washington 45120
Contact: 502-499-3781

Career Objective:

To work as a lab support technician for a private research center where I can provide clinical as well as administrative services and help in keeping the lab and its equipment tidy.

Technical and Soft Skills:

Details of Work Experience:

Lab Support Technician at National Research Association, Seattle
Employed since June 2012 - Present

Primary work responsibilities:

Lab Support Technician at Polar Research Institute, Seattle
Employed from August 2010 - May 2012

Primary work responsibilities:

Details of Academic Qualifications:

Bachelor's Degree in Science 2009


Will be provided on request.

It is advised that while writing your lab support resume, you should not provide any false information because it will invite only trouble and even legal action against you.

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