Nursing Support Resume

The importance of nursing support resume cannot be under estimated in this age when hundreds of candidates may apply for the same job that you apply for. Every nursing support resume itself is a mini biography of the applicant and here you need to present your professional biography in a very simple format to get it noticed by the recruiters.

The nursing support worker is appointed in a healthcare facility wherein he/she is required to perform a large variety of job functions to provide healthcare assistance to the patients. Nursing support workers may also provide healthcare assistance to the patients at their residence. Depending on the patient's condition, nursing support worker has to provide necessary assistance in the daily tasks, monitor vital signs, administer medicines, transport and carry patients, etc.

Nursing support workers should be able to work with patients of all age groups and also with those suffering from terminal ailments. They must also know how to administer medicines and other activities needed to keep a clean and hygienic environment within the ward and facility as well.

How to write a Nursing Support Resume

Go into an introspective mode and analyze your skills, qualifications and experience. Note down all these facts and analyze which of these resembles the job of nursing support and leave out all the rest because those will unnecessarily increase the length of your nursing support resume and consequently, decrease the interest of the employer who is supposed to read your resume. Always ask yourself whether the information you wish to provide matches the job description or not as it will definitely help you to keep your resume informative and precise.

Once you finalize the facts, decide how this information needs to be presented in the resume without causing any confusion or distraction for the employer. This is possible if you arrange the information well and write it in a very simple language.

Read the sample nursing support resume and you will understand what we mean by a perfect nursing support resume.

Nursing Support Resume Example

Jodie Goldberg
3268, Wisner Street, Edward Square
San Francisco, Los Angeles 25220
Contact: (310) 202-7003

Career Objective:

To obtain a nursing support worker position in a long-term care facility and provide support to patients in completing daily living activities and leading an independent life.

Professional and Soft Skills:

Employment History:

Nursing Support Worker at Premier Healthcare Foundation, San Francisco
Employed since June 2012 - Present

Primary work responsibilities:

Nursing Support Worker at Modern Medical Institute, San Francisco
Employed from September 2010 - May 2012

Primary work responsibilities:

Academic Qualifications:


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