Phone Support Resume

A phone support resume must be easy to read and understand. It is always expected from a professional to be a good resume writer because this is the only way that you can easily connect with the employer even before you have a chance to appear for the interview.

Phone support workers are employed in organizations where customer service is provided through telephone. Phone support workers have to answer the calls of the customer to inform and explain how to use particular equipment, application or any other product or service that the organization offers. This job calls for individuals who can converse well on telephone and provide the requisite information to the customers without having them to wait much. Phone support workers also have to address the grievances of the customers and provide effective resolution within a reasonable time to ensure maximum satisfaction of the customers.

How to write a Phone Support Resume

The phone support resume can be prepared if you keep in mind the requirements of the job and the expectations of the employer from a candidate. Skills, experience and educational qualifications are an inevitable part for any resume which need to be included in this one too. You can also include any professional accomplishments such as an award for outstanding performance or contribution in any activity that enhances the corporate image of the organization. Reference of your previous employer or employers will authenticate your identity, although you can mention it at the time of interview as well.

The sample phone support resume is a perfect example to explain an ideal way of writing personalized phone support resume.

Phone Support Resume Example

Jason Cornwell
11, Sunshine Apartments, Turner Square
Olympia, Washington 43250
Contact: 315-420-8796

Career Objective:

To take my customer service skills to next level by occupying a phone support worker position and assisting customers in solving product-related problems through telephones.

Summary of Skills:

Details of Work Experience:

Phone Support Worker at Horizon Business Solutions, Olympia
Employed since August 2012 - Present

Primary work responsibilities:

Phone Support Worker at Brenner InfoTech, Olympia
Employed from December 2010 - July 2012

Primary work responsibilities:

Career Achievements:

Details of Academic Qualifications

Master's Degree in Computer Applications, 2009
Central Washington University

Bachelor's Degree in Computer Applications, 2007
Central Washington University


Available on request.

The sample phone support resume follows a perfect style of resume writing which must be adopted by every phone support worker for writing a perfect personalized resume.

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