Police Support Resume

Writing a perfect police support resume will require only a little time out of your busy schedule and will yield you a great deal in return. With a job that requires association with the legal enforcement authority, your police support resume also needs to be at par with the organizational standards.

The police support workers are the ones who work on a level below the police officers and enjoy limited powers on duty. Police support workers have to perform multiple tasks such as patrolling, control traffic, ticketing, and many other tasks while assisting the police officers.

Police support workers have to be highly efficient ad unbiased to execute the job responsibilities. They must possess extraordinary physical and mental energy and a sharp mind to act responsibly during an emergency situation.

How to write a Police Support Resume

You can create a perfect police support resume only when you are aware of the exact information that your resume needs to carry. Like any other job, this job is also dependent on your qualifications in the form of formal training, skills, education and experience as well.

First of all, you will have to prepare a list of the information required to be provided in the resume. Try to provide it in small sentences which maintain a constant flow of information throughout in your resume. Leave out the information that does not suit to the job of police support worker as it will not serve any purpose except for distracting the reader's attention and reduce your chances of selection for further rounds.

A sample police support resume will give you further explanation and guide in for writing an effective resume.

Police Support Resume Example

Richard Hoffman
7860, Murphy Lane, Travolta Square
Detroit, Michigan 95520
Contact: 917-455-8632
Email: richard.hman@msn.com

Career Objective:

To offer my services to the police department as a police support personnel and assure smooth execution of the work responsibilities assigned to me.

Skills as a Police Support Worker:

Details of Work Experience:

Police Support Worker at New York Police Department
Employed since June 2011

Primary work responsibilities:

Police Support Worker at Boston Police Department
Employed from November 2009 to May 2011

Primary work responsibilities:

Details of Academic Qualifications and Certifications:

Certified Police Support Worker
Boston Police Training Academy

High School Diploma
St Ursula High School


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