Server Support Resume

A server support resume fulfills the requirement of a communication channel between the employer and the employee and allows the employer to decide further course of action to interview the applicant. If written and presented well, your server support resume will definitely work in your favor by impressing the employer in advance.

Server support professionals specialize in providing assistance to the clients regarding requirements of enterprise servers and any problems arising with it. Being a technology driven job, the server support workers have to be highly efficient with the knowledge and skills related to the configuration, installation and maintenance of different servers and how to troubleshoot any problem that might arise during its use. Apart from the knowledge of servers, server support workers must also be familiar with the associated equipment and applications that allow smooth functioning of the server in an organization.

How to write a Server Support Resume

If you are a qualified and experienced server support worker, then writing a server support resume is not a difficult task. You have the entire information ready in the form of your work experience and work responsibilities, technical expertise, certifications, education, etc. It is not feasible to put in every minute detail in your resume as it makes the resume very lengthy. Instead, write it as a summary wherein the employer can get a fair idea without spending much time to read your resume. Also look to it that your resume appears attractive from the outside and is informative inside to create a better impact on the reader.

You must read the sample server support resume to understand how exactly a perfect server support resume must be written so as to ensure a positive reply from the employer.

Server Support Resume Example

Freddy Walker
11, Adams Apartments, Green Lake Avenue
Austin, Texas 42550
Contact: 210-435-8796

Career Objective:

To work as a senior server support executive and help clients in fulfilling their requirements of enterprise server and tackling other problems related to the server.

Technical and Personal Skills:

Work Experience:

Server Support Executive at Mellon InfoTech, Austin
Employed since June 2012 - Present

Primary work responsibilities:

Server Support Executive at Weston InfoTech, Austin
Employed from January 2010 - May 2012

Primary work responsibilities:

Academic Qualifications and Certifications:

Master's Degree in Information Technology Management, 2009
Texas Technical University

Bachelor's Degree in Information Technology Management, 2007
Texas Technical University


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