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Writing your web support resume for the first time? Then you must read this article because by the time you finish reading this article, we are sure that you will be pretty much confident and prepared to write a powerful and impressive web support resume.

Web support in itself is a very broad term that covers the overall aspects of web design and development. Web support workers are involved in each stage of web development right from the ideation to the delivery of final product in the form of a full fledged functional website. Web support workers have to provide web solutions according to the business requirements of the client and the goods and products it offers. They also have to ensure that the final design is attractive and informative so as to attract more visitors.

Web support workers must possess excellent and updated knowledge regarding website development, modification and maintenance. They must be proficient in a wide range of web development platforms, programming languages, operating systems, etc.

How to write a Web Support Resume

Writing a web support resume will be very easy once you decide what information you need to put into the resume. This is because the more lengthy your resume, less are the chances that it will be entertained by the employer. You have to sort out the details in terms of your qualifications that include your technical proficiency, professional experience, and educational qualifications. If you do not want to provide references of your previous employers right away, mention that the same will be provided on request or during the interview itself.

As a point of reference, we have provided a sample web support resume that effectively illustrates how your resume should appear.

Web Support Resume Example

Jonathan Scott
B-5, Solaris Apartments, Roosevelt Square
Detroit, Michigan 48310
Contact: 930-421-8576
Email: jonathans@freemail.com

Career Objective:

Looking for a web support specialist position in an e-commerce company to provide support to vendors, e-business team and maintain web portal system.

Technical and Personal Skills:

Details of Work Experience:

Web Support Executive at Panther Technologies, Detroit
Employed since January 2012 - Present

Primary work responsibilities:

Web Support Executive at Bethany Web Solutions, Detroit
Employed from April 2010 - December 2011

Primary work responsibilities:

Details of Educational Qualifications:

Certified Professional in Web Development Practices
Hatfield School of Technical Studies

Bachelor's Degree in Computer Applications
South Michigan Technical University


Will be provided on request.

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