Accounting Administrative Assistant Job Description

The accounting administrative assistant responsibilities include supervising the accounting, administrative and auditing duties for management and handling the daily tasks and activities. The accounting administrative assistant offers help and support to the accounts section of a company. Before joining the firm as an accounts administrative assistant, he requires official education preparation in accounts, clerical services and communications.

The daily activities of an accounting administrative assistant include answering the phone calls, submitting files and project reports, faxing, helping the clients, directing the assignments and the office schedule everyday. Working on some particular projects, supervising the office and the other staff members are some of the responsibilities of the accounting administrative assistant. He also fixes the checks and makes the budgets. He has the following key responsibilities:

Responsibilities Of Accounting Administrative Assistant

Qualifications Required For Accounting Administrative Assistant

The candidate must have a bachelor's degree in commerce or the same in a related field like accounting or finance. He should have strong analytical skills and should carry out his functions very effectively. He should be well acquainted with softwares and accounting. He should also have the ability to work under stress.

Working Conditions

He works in a large organization for about 9 hours in a day on an average. He deals with numbers and figures all the time and remains busy on the phone for solving the queries of the customers.


He earns around USD 45,000 per annum on an average. But this may vary from plae to place depending on the size of the company.

Thus, the accounting administrative assistant responsibilities include supervising or administrating the accounts department and helping his manager do his work even more effectively.

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