Accounting Clerk Supervisor Responsibilities

An accounting clerk supervisor is the one who oversees or supervises the activities of the accounting clerk. These activities include accounts payables, recievables, book keeping and basic general ledger of a company.

He works in a large accounting firm, where a lot of accounting tasks are undertaken regularly. He administers and ensures that all the financial records are up to date and that the taxes are paid properly and on time.

The accounting clerk supervisor responsibilities include administrating all the accounting functions, so that they are completed on time, accurately and with agreement to all the state and federal rules applicable.

His key responsibilities are:


The candidate should possess a bachelor's degree in commerce or in a related field. He should have supervisory expertise on hiring, training and mentoring accounting clerks. He should be well aware of the accounting methods and policies in accordance to the federal and state regulatory compliance. Having expertise on auditing/accounting and a master's degree in commerce or accounts would be an asset.

Work Conditions

Working 9 hours a day is required. Sometimes, he might have to work overtime also.


The average salary is USD 41,439 per annum. However, it can range from one place to another depending on the size of the organization where he works. Thus, the accounting clerk supervisor responsibilities include monitoring and balancing accounting reports and making recommendations to enhance the procedures and schemes.

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