Accounting Clerk Job Descriptions

An accounting clerk has many responsibilities and duties that differ with the needs of his employer or industry. The accounting clerk is a starting level position that needs experience in many areas of accountancy. This provides the new or wanna-be accountant with training that teaches him some very basic and precocious accounting skills. He has many responsibilities as an individual apart from helping the supervisor and the head of the accounting department with other duties. He covers all the updates and reports to the accounting manager, office manager, controller, owner, supervisor of a particular department or the CFO depending on the magnitude and constitution of the firm.

The accounting clerk responsibilities include getting into and writing accounts payable, adaptive bank statements, invoicing, fixing checks for signature, negociating client account aggregation, or accounts recievable, managing files, stock list control, computing and predicting, buying needs and cost accounting. He has the following key responsibilities:

Accounting Clerk Responsibilities

Qualifications and Skills Required

The candidate must have 12 years of official education with courses in mathematics, accounting and computer applications. He also needs a college diploma in accounting or a related field. A graduate may also be hired. He should have the ability to pay attention to the details, be able to work independently and handle mutiple projects simultaneously. He should be familiar with office equipments like photo copy machines, fax machines and scanners. He should be able to crack difficult problems and have excellent written and verbal communication. Strong analytical skills are needed. Proficiency in MS Word, MS - Office and MS - Powerpoint is needed. Other than this, he should be well aware of all the other computer basics. He should be self motivated and have the ability to concentrate and produce results. The ability to adjust with anybody and bilingualism would be assets. At last, but not the least, he should have a sound body and mind.

Work Conditions

He has to work 8-9 hours daily in small or large offices. It is a full time job. During the end of the year or tax season, he may have to work overtime.


The average salary of an accountant clerk is USD 28,000 per year. But this may differ from place to place, depending on the quality of the firm.

Thus, the accounting clerk responsibilities include taking care of financial documents and handling the entire account details of the clients.

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