Accounting System Analyst Job Description

The accounting system analyst responsibilities include the system technical administration and management of the financial records and financial accounts regularly. Making technical analytical reports that are complicated and verifying all the records to ensure that they are up to date and stored properly are done by him. Each system accounts record is personally retained with him and analyzed by him. He investigates the contents of the accounting systems and examines them.

He supervises the fiscal experts and aids them in analyzing complex accounting systems of the company. The accounting system analyst examines the financial growth of the firm from the technical point of view and assesses its progression and also administrates the fiscal records day by day. He examines all the projects, pinpoints the problems, and comes out with suitable solutions. He is responsible for supervising the technical system sides of the projects.

He also has the following other key responsibilities:

Key Responsibilities of Accounting System Analyst

Qualifications and Skills Required

The candidate needs to have a bachelor's degree of four years in accounts, business administration, or in a related field. Having a master's degree in accounting or business administration would help him rise a lot in his career. He should be familiar with the general accounting practices and the accounting methods and policies of a company. He should have the ability to work under stress and perform multiple tasks simultaneously. Having good communication skills is very important.

Working Conditions

A well qualified accounting system analyst works in a large accounting firm with intranet and software applications installed in the computers. He deals with figures and various accounting systems most of the times. At times, he has to meet the targets set by the company, because of which he might have to work overtime. This is quite a stressful job.


He draws an average salary of around USD 96,000. But this may also vary from one company to the other depending on the size of the organization. Thus, the accounting system analyst responsibilities include organizing, scrutinizing, and studying the accounting records and the other fiscal reports in agreement with the other standard methods of the accounting company.

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