Accounts Receivable Analyst Responsibilities

The accounts receivable analyst responsibilities include measuring the fiscal condition of the business and clients. He also sanctions or refuses payments within the company towards pending balances. He ensures cutting the hazards erupting from the possessions by managing an equilibrium in the inflow of the cash due to the receivables.

He administrates the management of different accounts and brings harmony between the company and the customer. He keeps proportion, writes data and connects with the department related to accounts. He provides valuable suggestions to enhance the aggregation of liabilities and supervises directives to maintain the standard of the company. His key responsibilities are:

Qualifications and Skills

The candidate should have a bachelor's degree in accounts or finance. Having a post graduate degree in the same would be highly beneficial and an asset for the company. He should have excellent writing, analytical, solving and decision making skills. Being well acquainted with the accounting methods and its basic principles would help him a lot.

Working Conditions

He works in an office and is completely engaged throughout the day. He is generally burried in his computer or calculator. He remains very busy on the phone as well and responds to the queries of the customers and vendors. He works about 9 hours daily.


He earns around USD 55, 000 per annum. But this also depends on the kind of company the employee works in. Thus, the accounts receivable analyst responsibilities include managing the activities of the cash inflow, settling the disputes with the customers and working towards solving other issues related to the accounts receivable.

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