Assistant Account Executive Job Description

To achieve growth in business, it is essential to provide cost-effective, and fast service to clients. That's why organizations hire account executives. Since the job responsibilities of this position cannot be handled by a single person, they also employ assistant account executives or junior account executive to assist in day-to-day business operations. These accounting professionals have to focus on servicing clients and ensure continuous business from them. They collaborate and coordinate with account executives for dealing with vendors, managing clients' requirements, delivering their needs, and creating brand awareness for them. They may not have a direct role in the advertising and marketing of cleints' products or business, but they can use their knowledge and experience of those fields for the management of projects.

Assistant Account Executive Responsibilities

The main responsibility of this job position to provide services to clients. For this, they have to perform several related tasks in order to achieve client satisfaction and fetch more projects from them. They have to manage customer accounts in the best possible way. Theses accounting professionals are responsible for planning and executing projects as per clients' needs. They have to ensure continuous working of customer accounts and also re-open closed accounts.

Some of the primary responsibilities they handle daily are:

Assistant Account Executive Skills

The job of an assistant account executive needs people with strong attention to detail, communication, computer, and PR skills. They have to be detail-oriented, team leader with focus on customer service. Agencies also expect abilities to work independently, take strong decisions, resolve problems, review project budget, and meet deadlines.

Some of the core skills for the job that advertising agencies look for are:

Assistant Account Executive Education & Experience

Individuals who want to hold this job title are required to complete a four-year degree program either in Public Relations, Journalism, or Communications. Some big advertising agencies may prefer them to complete a master' degree in business administration. Additional education in market research, consumer behavior, or communication methods may also be useful.

Advertising agencies prefer one year of experience minimum. Advertising interns with exceptional talents with ability to manage customer accounts are also given an opportunity. Experience in the retail industry and ability to think creatively and work effectively with peers and vendors are also asked for.

If you're committed to work in this job position and have the required skills, experience, and education, browse our site for a real-world assistant account executive resume samples.

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