Bookkeeper Assistant Responsibilities

Bookkeeping refers to the technique of maintaining accounts. Organizations perform several monitory transactions. It includes sale or purchase of goods and receipts or payments. Every transaction is recorded in books of accounts for records and reconciliation. Transactions are recorded in relevant books of accounts, so that it presents accurate status of accounts. This responsibility of recording transactions lies with the bookkeeper. He performs the first step in account keeping process. Bookkeeper assistant responsibilities include assisting the head bookkeeper in recording accounts and maintaining an up-to-date record of the organization's transactions. As an assistant, they work under the directions of the head bookkeeper, but are answerable to the head accountant for submission of accounts.

Here is a Detailed Description of Responsibilities of Bookkeeper Assistant

A bookkeeper assistant performs the primary function of accounting - record keeping. Unless all accounting transactions are recorded accurately, it will become difficult for the organization to manage its accounts. Bookkeepers help to maintain authenticity and accuracy in accounts. Assistants handle the workload of the bookkeepers and help to track all monetary activities of the organizations across different departments. Work of the bookkeepers often becomes the basis for analysis and decision making.

Bookkeeper assistant's work is not subject to rigid qualifications. Any individual with a diploma or associate degree in accounting can work as an assistant to the bookkeeper. Several organizations hire candidates without relevant qualifications in accounting and provide them with on-job training. Hence, if you possess an aptitude for numbers, take keen interest in managing accounts, and have profound analytical and organizational skills, then you can make a good career in bookkeeping and accountancy. Since this is an entry level job, there is no dearth of opportunities for growth. An assistant can work as head bookkeeper, accountant, or accounting manager after gaining sufficient experience.

If you are keen on working as a bookkeeper, you can begin your career working as a cashier. It will give you basic knowledge in handling cash and managing records. We hope this work profile description has helped you understand the bookkeeper assistant responsibilities. We hope this knowledge guides you in your job search efforts.

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