Bookkeeper Job Description

The job of a bookkeeper is very demanding these days and is found all over the country. They generally receive good compensation from the employers for their work. They generally work in easy going atmospheres and there is always an availability of freelance work from small scale organizations.

The number of bookkeepers are likely to increase at a faster rate by the year 2016. There are some institutions such as 'The Universal Accounting Center' that are involved in the sale of educational plans and provide professional training to the students. They may also look after the placement of students into recognized firms.

They are considered to be a part of the accounting clerk group that are involved in execution of elementary level tasks related to the accounting field.

They perform jobs that are associated with data entry, accounts payable, bank reconciliations, accounts receivable, and payroll. The bookkeeper is considered to be the backbone of the organization, as every transaction that take place goes through the bookkeeper.

Write-up bookkeepers is a category of bookkeepers who are generally employed by CPA organizations for the execution of their business related to the client write-ups. The write-up commercial activity takes place when the small scale organizations outsource their bookkeeping operations to the CPA companies.

The work of solving the compound accounting problems and strategy buildings or planning is done by the CPA firms while the write-up and data entry jobs are completed by the bookkeepers.

Full-charge bookkeepers are formally trained personnel who are involved in performing a major part of the accounting jobs. Generally, these professionals are not involved in the creation of financial statements. They are usually found working in the medical practitioners' offices and other small business organizations.

General ledger bookkeepers are the bookkeeping professionals who usually possess a formal degree related to the field. They are responsible for conducting the procedures of performing the entry of every financial transaction that takes place in the firm. They are also responsible for executing the work of listing the transactions of the firm into the general ledger.

Requirements of a Bookkeeper

The candidates seeking for a job as a bookkeeper generally do not require to possess a formal degree. However, they need to have at least a high school diploma or other equivalent educational qualifications for applying for the job.

There are some proprietary institutions and junior colleges that specifically provide education related to business administration. The candidates can enroll themselves in such institutions which offer professional courses that are pertinent to the accounting practices.

They are expected to have outstanding communication skills (both written and oral communication). The reason for this being the need for creating reports that demonstrate the financial information for the committees and management level personnel.

They should be proficient in handling the numerical operations. For this, they should have superior analytical and mathematical abilities.

He should be well versed with the different spreadsheet and fiscal software used by the bookkeepers. These include Microsoft Excel, Quick Books, and Microsoft Money. Besides, he should have good technical skills to perform the troubleshooting steps and resolve the technical issues that may arise during his work.

They are usually required to function under the immediate supervision of the managers and supervisors. Moreover, they need to execute their duties keeping in view the policies and guidelines predetermined by the management of the organization. Therefore, they should have the ability to abide by the guiding principles recognized the authority.

Responsibilities of a Bookkeeper

Bookkeeper responsibilities assist you to be familiar with the significant characteristics of the job profile and be acquainted with its major job responsibilities.

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