Flight Dispatcher Job Description

Flight dispatchers are the persons who play a crucial role in ensuring safety while traveling in an aircraft. The flight dispatcher responsibilities are as important as that of a co-pilot and on board captain. Thus, if you are aiming to stabilize yourselves in this aviation field and are not interested in traveling constantly, then you can have the best career option of being a flight dispatcher.

Key Responsibilities of a Flight Dispatcher

The flight dispatcher works in close association with the pilot and monitors the weather conditions like storm, fog, wind,etc., or if there are any situations leading to crowded airspaces due to which the flights need to be rerouted, or delayed, or due to any other situational demand. Thus, he is responsible for taking into consideration various factors that may affect release flight time of airplanes and their safe landing. He also keeps a track of all the conditions that may occur during the course of the airplane flight. Here is a detailed description of the some of the key responsibilities that need to be handled by a flight dispatcher:

Essential Skills

To ensure success as a flight dispatcher, you must have atleast some of the following skills:

  1. To be flexible and be available 24 hours a day according to the situational needs.
  2. To be adaptable to constant changes and to be able to set priorities in a right way.
  3. To be an effective problem solver, should be able to work under tremendous pressure, and remain cool.
  4. To take decisions that are in compliance with the federal regulations and without compromising on the safety standards.
  5. Excellent ability to communicate pertinent information to the concerned personnel and get the desired tasks done.
  6. Good analytical skills to interpret and analyze the relevant data.

Educational Background

A high school diploma or a college degree in aviation, meteorology, physics, mathematics, etc., is preferred. A pilot certification or FAA certification is necessary to be eligible to qualify for the post of a flight dispatcher, as it covers all the major education related to navigational facilities, weather analysis, federal regulations, etc. Previous work experience or internship experience would definitely prove to be a plus point.

Work Schedule

Flight dispatchers must be ready to work at any given point of time whenever there is a need. They generally work in rotating shifts and need to work for a shift comprising eight to nine hours. They may need to work extra in case of emergencies or whenever there is a situational demand.

Salary Details

Those who have just completed their internship and education can get a starting salary in the range of $20,000 to $22,000. Those with relevant work experience can earn a salary in the range of more than $105,000. It, however, will vary depending on the size of the airlines, location, and the flight dispatcher's experience in that similar position.

Career Prospects

There are huge opportunities for advancement for those aspiring to stabilize in this field. If you perform your duties with utmost commitment and dedication, then you can surely be promoted as a dispatch manager, flight supervisor, chief flight dispatcher, superintendent of flight control, etc.

Thus, you must be able to handle the flight dispatcher responsibilities effectively and efficiently to ensure a lucrative and a rewarding career.

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