Global Account Director Responsibilities

The global account director responsibilities include assessing the performance of all his/her workers and instructing them, as and when needed. He/she motivates his/her workers and exposes their talents. He/she ensures that all this is done in agreement with the rules, regulations and modulations of the organization. He/she regularly evaluates the performance of his/her employees and modifies their salary structure from time to time based on the same.

A global account director has the following key responsibilities:

Qualifications and Skills Required

A global account director should acquire a bachelor's degree in marketing or business management. He/she could also have a master's degree in the same, as this would only improve his/her job possibilities, and he/she would most likely be placed by a good and reputed company. In case he/she deals with specialized commodities and facilities, he/she could attain a specialized degree in computer science or information technology. Having an MBA with specialization in marketing or information technology and systems would be very apt for this particular position. Apart from these qualifications, he/she should also have good English speaking and client service skills, as he/she would have to deal with international customers as well. He/she should be very imaginative, an initiator, and a go-getter and should encourage all those who are around him/her.

Working Conditions

A global accounts director works in an office and is seen talking to his/her clients most of the times. He/she also may have to travel abroad in order to deal with and satisfy his/her global customers. He/she, on an average, works for about nine hours in a day and five days a week. He/she may also have to work overtime for long hours in order to achieve his/her targets and aims set by the company.


A global account director earns about USD 79, 0000 per annum. This salary is his/her average earning in a year. But this salary may vary from one person to another, depending on his/her qualifications and experience.

Thus, the global account director responsibilities include supervising his/her subordinates and studying the market styles of his/her company.

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