Associate Business Analyst Responsibilities

Business and product life cycle management is a critical process for every organization. An associate business analyst is employed to execute these processes successfully. The requirements of associate business analyst responsibilities differ from organization to organization and process to process.

An associate business analyst reviews the process requirements by communicating with the clients or users. He helps in the documentation of client requirements which makes it easy for the product developers to go ahead with a business plan or designing and developing a product.

An associate business analyst also identifies the opportunities to expand the scope of business by adapting new policies and systems. He participates in the testing and launching of new systems/products/services and solicits feedback from end users to suggest improvements in the same.

Other than business or product life cycle development, an associate business analyst can also work for other departments and provide support to increase the efficiency of the process and the personnel involved therein. It may include human resource department, logistics, information systems, etc.

The associate business analyst responsibilities serve as the main source of support to the senior analysts. Even though the authority assigned to an associate business analyst is always lower than that of the senior analysts, his efforts and expertise do help a great deal.

Detailed Description of the Associate Business Analyst Responsibilities

Interacting with Clients

An associate business analyst meets and interacts with the clients to identify their requirements and expectation from a product or service. This helps in devising the product or service specifications. He also identifies how the clients will be using that product or service and accordingly briefs the senior analysts to develop a user friendly product or service.

Market Research

An associate business analyst will perform the market research. This helps in identifying what the competitors are offering to the clients and also in developing a product/service that is both cost effective, user friendly and with more features as compared to the competitive product/service.

Recommending Changes/Upgrades

An associate business analyst recommends changes in the existing framework of product or service development and delivery. This is important to keep the clients satisfied as any delay in product/service delivery may either cause dissatisfaction to the clients and they may opt for other vendors.

Assisting Internal Departments and Staff

The associate business analyst will not just help the clients with his expertise. He also looks into the functioning of the employing organization and helps in developing new procedures and policies that are likely to increase the productivity of the organization.

Skills of an Associate Business Analyst

To become an excellent associate business analyst, you first need to be excellent in the following areas:

Becoming an Associate Business Analyst

Employers mostly recruit individuals who have completed their education with a bachelor's degree in business management, computer science, finance or a related course. Higher qualifications such as master's degree and/or experience of working as a junior business analyst will definitely work in your favor.

Career Scope

With an annual salary that ranges from $50,000 to $80,000 and an opportunity to work on large scale projects, this position offers an excellent opportunity to those who are willing to work hard.

The associate business analyst responsibilities can be executed only if you possess the right skill set and qualifications. Make sure that you opt for a suitable degree course if you want to make a career as a business analyst.

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