EDI Analyst Responsibilities

The EDI stands for electronic data exchange and the EDI analyst is a person who ensures effective data exchange within or outside the company.

The EDI analysts also see to it that the organization or the company is able to carry out business transactions with other companies using electronic channels. They are also responsible of analyzing the company requirements and develop and design a system accordingly.

They may also undertake various changes in the current system to overcome any drawbacks faced by it. Each and every company requires an EDI analyst to look after the company's electronic data transactions.

E-commerce is one of the fastest growing industries and a platform for establishing a business in virtual marketplace. The e-commerce transactions are generally carried out through computer-to-computer transactions. This is where the EDI analyst works to enable computers with different operating systems and software to work together.

The transactions carried out between two computers may be business-to-consumer, business-to-business or internal business transactions and have their own respective problems. The analyst must overcome these problems effectively to avoid any data transmission problems.

Companies generally use electronic data exchange to access the vendor's database, which is a very complicated process. The EDI analyst works to run this process smoothly. The electronic data exchange often increases the security risks of the company.

The EDI analyst is a person who looks into the company's security system, thus avoiding any system glitches. The job of an EDI specialist is one of the most responsible jobs and requires hard work and dedication. A candidate applying for an EDI analyst job must possess essential educational qualification and skills. Also, he or she must be aware of different responsibilities undertaken by an EDI analyst.

The below given information about the educational qualification, key skills, and EDI analyst job responsibilities will help you understand all essential requirements for this job position.

Educational Qualification of EDI Analyst

The EDI analyst generally deals with the electronic data exchange between the companies. Thus, he must be well educated with all the networking knowledge. The basic criteria for an EDI analyst job is a bachelor's degree in information technology, computer science, technology management, or computer engineering. The candidate must also possess some experience in professional networking field. As the job of an EDI analyst is highly responsible one, employers often prefer recruiting candidates possessing master's degree in networking, information technology, or computer science.

Key Skills of an EDI Analyst

The EDI analyst must be thorough with the networking knowledge and possess expert networking skills. Along with this, he or she must also possess the following skill set essential for an EDI analyst:

Job Responsibilities of an EDI Analyst

The job responsibilities of an EDI analyst include supervising the efficient working of the electronic data exchange. Along with this, he or she is also responsible for undertaking various other duties as follows:

Salary of an EDI Analyst

The average annual salary of an EDI analyst is about $82,000. The salary range of an EDI analyst often ranges from $40,000 to $120,000 annually and is generated according to the experience, qualification, and the employer.

The above given information of the EDI analyst responsibilities will help you understand all the job duties performed by an EDI analyst. The educational qualification, key skills, and salary details mentioned above will further help you in planning your career in this field.

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