Fixed Income Analyst Responsibilities

If you have good general knowledge, are well aware of the financial market, and are ready to work in a fast paced environment, then you can make an entry as a fixed income analyst. This is definitely one of the most demanding and key positions that assists in the daily functioning of the client's portfolio management. Fixed income analyst responsibilities comprise analysis of the fixed income, analyzing the risk involved in interest rate and predicting the behavior of possible price in hedging portfolios.

Key Responsibilities of a Fixed Income Analyst

A fixed income analyst needs to handle a wide array of complex tasks and duties. He/she is responsible for assessing the value and analyzing the risks that may be involved in fixed income securities like bonds or any other financial products. These in turn ensure fixed payouts to the investors who have invested in these bonds or products. He/she researches and evaluates the market condition, analyzes the trends and guides the investor on the most significant risk factors like the credit and interest rate risk. The following points given below will help you in providing a detailed information on what exactly are the key responsibilities that need to be handled by a fixed income analyst:

  1. To work in close association with the front office staff members and conduct market research
  2. To be involved in data acquisition so that better trade decisions can be made after proper research
  3. To ensure consistency and transparency as well as security and validity of security level analytics and to evaluate the exposure of risks involved in it
  4. To review the existing procedures and processes and to derive methods to enhance and facilitate the delivery on time of the derived analytics
  5. To work collectively with the team members and utilize various tools that will help in proper analysis of the risk exposures
  6. To build computer functions and write macros to increase and enhance the effectiveness of report generation to produce reports that are accurate, reliable and are with minimum risk of human or data error

He performs the fundamental credit and financial analysis, integrates conclusions, and recommends the suitability of securities for clients. He participates in the meetings with portfolio managers to develop strategies related to fixed income securities. He may also be involved in mentoring and training the junior staff analysts that will assist them in better understanding of credit risk analysis and evaluation. He is responsible for updating and maintaining the analytic reports and ensuring that they are accurate.

Essential Skills

If you want to be a fixed income analyst, you should have great understanding and in depth knowledge of the finance field. Moreover, one should be ready to work under tremendous pressure conditions and should be a self starter with an ability to function independently in a fast paced work environment. He should have the ability to take a initiative and demonstrate strong commitment. He should be adaptable to the rapid changes, have excellent communication skills, and should be comfortable working in a team based environment. Ability to research and good analytical and problem resolution skills will also prove to be of great help. He should be able to demonstrate strong organization and work flow management skills.

Educational Background

A bachelor's degree from an accredited university in finance, mathematics, economics, or computer science would be sufficient to make an entry. A master's degree in business administration for those who are progressing towards completing Chartered Financial Analyst qualification would also prove to be of great help.

Work Schedule

The fixed income analyst generally works for thirty five to forty five hours per week, Monday through Friday. He may occasionally be required to work on weekends or holidays to attend some meetings or attend some additional training sessions. A demonstrated work experience in fixed income analysis would help you in getting the job more easily.

Salary Details

The minimum salary offered for a fixed income analyst is in the range of $51,000 to $55,000. Those with experience in a similar profile can get a salary in the range of $100,000 to $120,000. It is also dependent on the level of responsibilities that an individual needs to handle, along with the skills and educational qualifications.

Career Prospects

The career prospects are bright and promising for those aspiring to stabilize in this field and are looking forward to manage a large pool of assets and work for potential wealthier clients. Thus, to ensure a lucrative career path, the surest way to get to the top is by acquiring experience as a fixed income analyst.

Thus, before you make an entry as a fixed income analyst, make sure you are well aware of the fixed income analyst responsibilities, educational background, and skills needed to make it a sure shot success and take your career to new heights.

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