Forecast Analyst Responsibilities

The forecast analyst responsibilities include analyzing and studying the fiscal trends and sales record in order to predict the future business status of the business company. He does a lot of investigations and studies. He is an expert in economics who studies the entire stock lists and analyzes the velocity of growth and need for commodities to get an overall idea about the company's best manufacture limits and the possible forthcoming gross revenues.

He utilizes different kinds of measurements and fiscal models to make correct predictions about the company's future business growth. He works with different sections of the company and decides the data and germinates reports on the basis of that. He investigates and studies the different ways of profiting and gaining active styles and recognizes the new and advancing styles and merchandising possibilities in the activity market.

A forecast analyst has the following below mentioned key responsibilities:

Qualifications and Skills Required

The wanna-be forecast analyst needs to have a bachelor's degree in economics, finance, business or a related field. His bachelor's degree should teach him about accounts, business, finance, economics, management and marketing in details. Having a master's degree in business administration would be the best qualification for this post. This would, for sure, improve his job opportunities and he would be able to climb the ladder of success much faster. He also requires to have 3 years of expertise in this field of forecasting earlier in a similar company. Other than these, he should possess good observation and communication skills. On top of all these, he needs to have creativity and possess designing fiscal model skills. He should also have good examining and reasoning skills. He should be well acquainted with computer programs like Excel, Word and Power Point. Finally, he should be able to work under a team as well as an individual.

Working Conditions

A forecast analyst works in a stressful and high pressure ambiance. He generally has his own office where he executes his job responsibilities. He works in an ever-changing environment and has to execute multiple tasks simultaneously. He works for about 9 hours in a day on an average and works for about 5 days a week. He may have to do overtime in order to meet the demands of the customers.


A forecast analyst earns an average salary of about USD 58, 000 annually. But this may vary from one organization to another and also depends on the qualifications and experience of the candidate.

Thus, the forecast analyst responsibilities include studying the active fiscal trends and predicting the future fiscal growth of the company.

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