Functional Analyst Responsibilities

The functional analyst reponsibilities include working as business or trade analyst in a broad range of various fields like finance, health welfare or information technology. As the name suggests, he is responsible for executing a wide range of analytical jobs.

His responsibilities, job roles and duties deviate from one industry to another, but he generally studies and examines the arrangement and administration ways of a business system. He looks about bringing solutions to various problems and holds investigations on the active business assisting schemes.

He recognizes the primary issues of the company and comes up with new solutions for them. He also discovers the software program and hardware program problems in data processor systems and electronic networks.

He examines and experiments with the different systems in order to decide their skillfulness and whether they will be able to stand the demands and requirements of the company.

He studies and examines business, the business conditions, and trends and operations of the company in order to make sure that the information technology systems and other practical applications are suitable and functional for the operations executed by the company.

The Key Responsibilities of a Functional Analyst

Qualifications and Skills

The candidate must have a graduate degree in computer science or information technology. This can comprise a bachelor's degree in computer applications or computer engineering.

Other than this, he must have the ability to analyze and understand the fundamental business principles. Apart from these, he can also be a master's in computer engineering, computer applications or a similar field.

This would surely enhance his job prospects and opportunities. He also must have very good time administration, negotiation, communication and corporate skills. At last, he must have the ability to work independently and oversee many projects simultaneously.

Working Conditions

He works on computers all the time and deals with business analysis. He spends a long time glaring at the computers, which also sometimes lead to harmful health conditions like defective vision and sound.

It is always good to take breaks in between for about 10 minutes so that the above ill health conditions can be avoided. He normally works for around 40 hours every single week.

There are some others who work for 50 hours or more a week. His job is a bit stressful and needs attention from him.


A functional analyst executes his job responsibilities in order to earn USD 98, 000 every year normally. But the kind of work he undertakes and the location can go a long way in deciding his salary structure. It also varies from one person to another based on his educational qualifications and experience.

Thus, the functional analyst responsibilities include studying the computer software systems of a company in order to make them fully functional and up to date, so that the employees of the same can benefit and earn profits.

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