Functional Systems Analyst Responsibilities

The functional systems analyst responsibilities include playing the role of a planning agent between the serviceable trade and IT creative teams in order to settle the structural and methodical matters with respect to trade practices and running information and dealing matters through certain procedures that detect defects and flaws. He also assesses different possibilities for enforcing new practicality. He directs functional and effective enhancements through business methodical explanation.

He perfects the general trade utilization practicalities and administrates the company enhancements through program adjustments. He also recognizes the space between the present application of programs and approaching needs that have developed as a result of the growth of the organization, modifications and other plans and programs. He also converts trade needs into programming explanations and solutions. He has some key responsibilities that he executes:

Qualifications and Skills

A functional systems analyst should have a graduate degree in computer science, information technology or a related field. Apart from this, he could also acquire a post graduate degree in systems or IT or both. He requires to have good computer and business skills. He should be able to inspire himself and others in order to function effectively. Also, he must have good interaction and give-and-take skills that would help him a lot. He must be able to manage time, teach, train or instruct his juniors, for which he needs to have a helping attitude. Having good organizing skills is also very important. A functional systems analyst should be able to grasp business methods and policies along with computer technological systems and must be a go-getter in order to meet his targets and aims. He should be energetic while devising solutions, comfortable working under a team as well as independently and have problem solving skills. Finally, he should also be able to execute multiple tasks at the same time and must handle projects without anybody's directions.

Working Conditions

He works in an office and has a stressful environment where he deals with computer system problems and devises solutions for them. He works about five days in a week and around 9 hours in a day, which amounts to working for about 45 hours in a week. He also works overtime in order to complete his targets and meet his deadlines. His office environment is also very fast and changing.


A functional systems analyst draws an absolute median salary of about USD 71, 300 every year and his salary depends on the location and kind of work he undertakes.

Thus, the functional systems analyst responsibilities include checking the hardware and software problems in the computer systems and networks of his company and devising solutions for them.

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