Health Policy Analyst Responsibilities

The United States health care system is fighting hard to address the varied medical issues faced daily. The federal and the state government are in the process of establishing new policies and programs to solve problems. There have been high rates of death and life threatening diseases and incidents which the medical providers are failing to prevent.

A large number of uninsured people are being treated in the medical field as well. The US government is taking several initiatives to resolve the issues that the medical or health care process faces. In such a situation, there is a growing demand for more health policy analysts to help the country and the several players of the health care related industries.

Health policy analyst responsibilities are carried out with perfection under extremely challenging environment. If you plan to become health policy analysts, you should be aware of the overall profile of this job and its potential career prospects.

A health policy analyst is responsible for providing effective laws and solutions to the public health and social programs. They conduct research on the effective issues as well as evaluate and analyze the same to design these solutions. While working closely with policy makers and other professionals, a health policy analyst does quantitative and qualitative analysis on the proposed cost and health policy programs.

This position requires a strong command on written and oral communications skills. This is because these analysts need to prepare reports, briefs, testimonials, company presentations, new modules, etc., at every step. These professionals may be hired by government bodies, non-profit organizations, consultancies, or private organizations.

Duties and Responsibilities of a Health Policy Analyst

Essential Skills

Educational Qualification

An entry level candidate must obtain a bachelor's degree in public policy or public health, while an experienced health policy analyst should hold a master's degree in public health or public policy. The candidate must possess good knowledge of medical system, budget analysis, health management and accounting to resolve health policy issues.


A health policy analyst's salary varies greatly with respect to the size of the employer and the skills and experience a candidate has brought with him. According to, public policy analysts earn a compensation of $45,000 to $70,000 per year.

Career Prospects

Health policy analysts are in great demand in all sectors to improve the health care system. With growing number of policy making practices in the health care industry or any bodies aiming to improve the health care policies (like government, non-profit organization and private companies), the employment growth opportunities are immense.

Health policy analyst responsibilities cover all the important steps from developing health care policies to analyzing current policies and researching the varied ways in which health care can be improved. A competent and passionate candidate will surely be able to carry out such responsibilities, thus making the right career choice with extreme growth potential.

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