Help Desk Analyst

Howsoever refined and robust a computer system is, minor and major problems are bound to occur. The computer systems that may be used by the company employees or customers need an immediate fix in order to continue with their work. To handle these responsibilities, help desk analysts are hired. These computer professionals may work in a large IT department and provide technical support and assistance for in-house systems or take care of issues customers are facing from using the software and hardware sold by the manufacturing companies. To work in this job position, help desk analysts have to be proactive, be able to think clearly in times of stress, empathetic, and provide quick, and long-lasting solutions.

Help Desk Analyst Responsibilities

Help desk analysts are responsible for solving computer issues cropping in-house or at remote locations. They serve as a technical support assistant and provide installation, maintenance, and training to company employees and customers.

Provide Troubleshooting and Support

Help desk analysts are first point of contact whenever any technical problems related to software and hardware occur. They carefully analyze the problem and note down the issues in a ticketing system. Based on the urgency and intensity of the problem, they set a priority and perform troubleshooting on that system. Using their technical skills and knowledge, they fix the problems. Most of the time, they either provide solutions and support over the phone, via email, or if possible by personally visiting that location where the problem has occurred.

Install and Test Software and Computer Systems

Whether the company has prepared a software or computer systems for in-house use, or customers, help desk analysts are first to install and test them before the particular products are actually put into use. In case of any issues, they submit their report to the research and development team. Those who are experienced resolve the issues at their own end by debugging software and upgrading systems.

Document nature, occurence, and recurrence of computer issues

Maintaining records of the types and nature of computer issues along with their frequency is the responsibility of help desk analysts. By documenting those issues, they can identify and find a permanent solution. They may also create manuals for in-house employees and customers so that they refer them and fix the problems at their own end without any intervention by a third party. It will also help in fixing problems in a timely and effective manner.

Handle escalated issues by collaborating with senior analysts

Some issues in software and computer systems may not be in the realm of help desk analysts. So they have to escalate those issues and take support from senior analysts. For this, they have to prepare and maintain logs on types of issues. However, they have to be sure when they need more experience help to handle technical problems. Once they bring the problems with their seniors, it's their duty to follow up and ensure resolution.

Onsite Assistance

At times, there may be some problems that cannot be solved over the phone or through emails. Hence, help desk analysts have to travel to resolve issues onsite. The issues could be anything related to repairs, installation, upgradation, or debugging software. It's their responsibility to ensure that customers don't face any problems, whether in hardware or software, in the future.

Training and Coaching

Help desk analysts are also responsible for providing training and coaching to company employees as well as customers who have purchased technical products. However, to handle this responsibility, they need to be experienced and become a Tier 3 analysts so as to research and resolve all types of complex issues.

Help Desk Analyst Skills & Qualifications

Resolving issues in software and computer systems requires skills and knowledge. To work as a help desk analyst, technical knowledge and work experience are essential.

Computer Skills – To be able to perform troubleshooting, help desk analysts have to be familiar with all types of operating systems. They have to be able to resolve technical issues, upgrade and install software programs and mobile applications on any operating systems. As they are also responsible to handle issues in hardware, knowledge of networks, routers, programming languages, and firewalls are also necessary.

Organizational Skills - Keeping records of issues, types of support, assistance, and resolution provided need to be handled properly for which organization skills are required.

Customer Service - Since large IT companies that sell software and hardware hire help desk analysts for customer support, the job position requires to be oriented towards customer service. For this, one must have qualities such as patience, empathy, and stress management.

Analytical Skills - Resolving any technical issues requires strong analytical skills. Not only help desk analysts have to identify the reasons behind cropping off of the problem, but also a permanent solution. They have to get to the core of the issues and ensure that it doesn't arise again.

Troubleshooting Skills - The nature of all technical problems is different and has to be resolved by following the process troubleshooting process.

Multitasking Abilities – Help desk analysts have to work on several issues simultaneously. At a time, they may answer customer's questions on the phone, draft an email detailing on how to fix an issue, or take orders from senior analysts. That's why multitasking abilities are essential for this job.

Help Desk Analyst Education

Education in computer technology and experience in repair, installation, and troubleshooting are must for the job. Large software manufacturing companies require a degree in computer science or information technology. Other employers may also hire candidates with a high school diploma, but with a certification in computer networking, information security, or software engineering. It's also possible to receive training in providing help desk support on the job for promising candidates.

If you're looking for a job that gives opportunities to interact with people working on different levels, and one that requires computer knowledge and troubleshooting experience, than a help desk analyst career is good for you. To help you search for a job, we have created a real-world help desk analyst resume sample. Copy and modify it as per your skills and experience.

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