Human Capital Analyst Responsibilities

If you are a person who is a self starter and an analytical thinker, then the job of a human capital analyst is perfectly suited for you. Human capital analyst responsibilities include using the business knowledge to develop and analyze policies, procedures, and programs that would support the organization's human capital analyst initiative. Thus, these responsibilities need to be carried out efficiently and play an instrumental role in shaping the organization.

Key Responsibilities of a Human Capital Analyst

The human capital analyst position is a higher level analyst position that strongly focuses on developing and conducting a comprehensive human resource business process mapping and ensures that it is being implemented properly. He/she is responsible for collecting data which is usually multi faceted and analyzing the pertinent information. This would further lead to implementing the decisions and making the relevant decisions which support the human capital programs. The role of a human capital analyst is of a bit complex nature and to better understand the intricacies involved in it, given below are some points which will help in giving you a more clear idea about the key responsibilities that are handled by a human capital analyst:

  1. To provide analytical support in terms of quality and quantity to the senior management personnel
  2. He/she generally works under supervision and is responsible for modeling the data that involves the benchmarking and market analysis of the clients' data.
  3. He/she ensures that the market data received is well researched and that it meets the clients' specifications and makes modifications as needed.
  4. He/she compares market data with the clients' data and utilizes various computer applications and research skills.
  5. He/she is responsible for assisting in writing, preparing, and structuring the clients' presentations, so that it is possible to derive initial conclusions for reviewing purpose.
  6. He/she remains in constant contact touch with the client to develop the consulting and project management skills, address the data requests, and assist in data management.

In short, he/she gathers meaningful, accurate, and complete information from the external as well as internal resources and summarizes the relevant information and presents the relevant findings in the presentations. He/she makes sure that the business and economic issues faced by the clients are being clearly understood and assists in resolving them, which will eventually lead to effective implementation of the relevant process. He/she helps in building effective professional working relationship with both internal and external resources.

Essential Skills

To ensure success as a human capital analyst, an individual should have excellent analytical and problem solving skills and should be able to meet the clients' requirements by finding effective and innovative human capital solutions. He/she should be flexible and ready to work under tight deadlines, and meet the clients' changing needs. He/she should be energetic, should have intellectual curiosity, and should be able to seek opportunities to develop and implement the projects successfully. Excellent organization and time management skills would be a plus.

Educational Background

A bachelor of arts or a bachelor of science from an accredited university or college would be the most basic criterion to be eligible for the post of a human capital analyst. A strong background in economics, finance, mathematics, statistics, accounting, human resources, etc., would be preferred. An internship or previous work experience in data presentation, data analysis, or data modeling would be preferred.

Work Conditions and Schedule

Human capital analysts work in a normal office environment and they mostly work full time, i.e. their weekly hours normally extend up to forty to forty five hours. Depending on the work load, their work may get extended in the evenings or nights or sometimes even on the weekends. They are typically found working in large sized global companies functioning in various segments like healthcare, financial services, technology, media, public sector, manufacturing, etc., to name a few.

Salary Details

The average salary of a human capital analyst ranges in between $55,000 to $81,000. The salary differs according to the location, size, and type of the industry an individual is functioning in. It is also dependent on the relevant skills, educational background, and experience in a similar profile.

Career Prospects

The career prospects are really bright and lucrative. This field is constantly changing and is equally challenging. If you are able to prove your strengths and abilities by displaying professionalism, then the opportunities for advancement are really lucrative and promising.

Thus, if you are willing to take human capital analyst responsibilities and shoulder them efficiently, this can surely be a rewarding career option for you.

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