Informatics Analyst Responsibilities

If you are interested in research, have good analyzing skills, and are comfortable handling huge volumes of information and also have a passion for statistics, then then you can definitely take up a career as an informatics analyst. The effective implementation of informatics analyst responsibilities helps in replacing, improving, recreating, and organizing the information in the systems in such a way that it can be easily accessed, retrieved, and utilized for the required purpose. Thus, an informatics analyst plays a key role in an organization.

Key Responsibilities of an Informatics Analyst

The informatics analyst can be found in a variety of fields and their job titles vary according to the type of field they are working and the kind of responsibilities they need to handle. An individual working in the research department is called research informatics analyst, while the one working in the health care industry is called clinical informatics analyst. This professional is involved in the organization and management of information and in ensuring that it can be accessed whenever needed to fufill the necessary requirements. This is only a general idea; however, let us see in detail the key responsibilities handled by such a professional in various fields:

  1. Informatics Analyst in Insurance Industry: Here the individual conducts analysis of risk data and investment using the descriptive and inferential statistics to develop cost effective solutions that would enhance the quality and utilization of data and help in applying the predictive model trends for rate planning.

  2. Clinical Informatics Analyst: Here the the analyst is involved in carrying out duties related to developing, implementing, organizing, and maintaining the information and reports in a way to document and understand the operational and financial performance along with the clinical outcomes. He/she collaborates with the quality team, clinic administrators, physicians, etc., to design the ad hoc and other relevant routine reports that include the patient's health status. He/she also monitors the quality programs and makes efforts to improve them. He/she compiles data from multiple sources and is involved in importing the data into the relevant database. For this to happen, he/she selects appropriate tools and methods and maintains the existing programs and makes sure that there is appropriate transfer of data and that all the reports are documented well to increase the efficiency.

  3. Biomedical Informatics Analyst: In this field, the analyst provides statistical, bioinformatics, data management and report automation support. He/she is involved in coordinating the operations, collecting, managing, and analyzing the data and assist in varying stages of development, implementation, and analysis. He/she assists in processing high volumes of imaging data and helps in maintaining and updating the research databases. He/she supports in the preparation of technician manuals and other documents that may be required in conduct of grants, trials, etc. In short, his/her major responsibilities include quantitative and statistical data analysis and automating reports that are basically concerned with carrying out specific responsibilities related to biostatistical management and research.

  4. Health Informatics Analyst: The analyst in this position is responsible for integrating the data analysis by using various resources like medical claims, pharmacy claims, medical management systems, etc. He/she develops applications and studies the researched data by making use of various statistical techniques and also by presenting the information in a clear, concise manner so as to meet the clients' needs. He/she makes recommendations to improve the existing policies and ensures that it is cost effective. He/she communicates the results of analysis work, retrieves it, analyzes it, and provides the necessary recommendations for information, so that the issues are reduced to minimum, thus enhancing the existing methodologies.

Essential Skills

To work in this post in any field, an individual should have a passion for statistics and should be good knowledge of the basic statistical concepts. Exceptional problem solving and analytical skills along with strong organizational and researching skills will be of great help. He/she should have good communication skills, as he/she needs to handle a diverse range of people and needs to interact with all levels of staff and management. He/she should be well versed with computers and should have the ability to identify the trends, business opportunities, and any other relevant issues.

Educational Requirements

The educational requirements will vary depending on the kind of field an individual is working in. To give a general idea, a bachelor's degree in statistics, computer science, business, math, health informatics, or any other related subject will be sufficient to make an entry. Additional training, internship, or experience in a similar profile would be of great help.

Work Schedule

The daily routine of an informatics analyst lasts for about eight to nine hours. However, if there is work load, he/she may need to work beyond the normal business hours, requiring him/her to work late in the evenings, nights, or sometimes even on the weekends and holidays.

Salary Details

The minimum starting salary for this professional is $41,000. The individuals with relevant experience, skills, and educational background get a remuneration ranging in between $82,000 to $89,000. It is also dependent on the location, size, and type of the industry he/she is working in.

Career Prospects

The career prospects are bright, as the job opportunities will definitely be on rise in the coming years and the growth rate is expected to be much higher. Those aspiring to make a career in this field have ample advancement opportunities and can be promoted as informatics manager, director or vice president depending on the relevant experience and skills.

Thus, if you are able to demonstrate your abilities by ensuring efficient handling of informatics analyst responsibilities, then you can be assured of taking your career to new heights.

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