Information Assurance Analyst Responsibilities

In today's technologically driven era, it is very crucial to protect the vital data of an organization. Information assurance analyst responsibilities play a vital role in ensuring that all the crucial information is maintained and that it is kept absolutely confidential as well as is available whenever there is a need. Thus, an information assurance analyst is responsible for providing all the needed technical support and assistance to secure the software or hardware related developmental or any other relevant functions.

Key Responsibilities of an Information Assurance Analyst

If some confidential information falls into the hands of some unauthorized personnel or may be in the hands of some business competitor, then it can amount to huge losses. Protecting this vital information is thus, significant from the company's point of view. This is where the role of an information assurance analyst can be realized. The information assurance analyst basically needs to carry out his/her duties related to data protection, ensuring integrity, confidentiality, and availability of needs to carry out a wide array of responsibilities which are summarized below to give you a more clear idea:

  1. The information assurance analyst is responsible for effective and efficient provisioning, configuring, installing, operating, and maintaining the system infrastructure related to software or hardware.
  2. He/she continuously innovates new methods to develop and evolve new infrastructure and participates in the technical research.
  3. He/she ensures that all the operating systems, software, and system hardware, and any other related procedures are being executed properly and that it is in compliant with the organizational rules and policies.
  4. He/she monitor and performs regular security checks to find out the possible intrusions, if any.
  5. He/she verifies the integrity and availability of all the resources of servers, hardware, and other relevant systems and key processes.
  6. He/she reviews the system and other related application logs to get details as to whether the assigned backup functions have been completed.

The information assurance analyst is also responsible for performing some additional duties like ensuring regular archival of files, changing, creating, and deleting the user accounts as per the requirements, etc. He/she is involved in hardware upgradation, optimization of resources, configuring the CPU, its memory, etc., and maintaining the environment of the data center and closely monitoring the relevant equipment. He/she should be able to repair as well as recover from any failure related to the software or hardware. He/she is also responsible for leading, supervising, and directing the team to resolve any issues related to information assurance.

He/she maintains all the documentation relevant to the emergency security measures and trains the subordinates to create an awareness about the same. He/she develops and implement plans to safeguard various files stored in the system and installs firewalls to block the transmission of confidential data and information. He/she may be involved in analyzing, developing, evaluating, and integrating information assurance policies and assists in gathering and preserving the evidences, in case, there is any violation. He/she recommends best possible strategies that would support and protect the vital data and help in ensuring the effectiveness of various information assurance procedures.

Essential Skills

If you are ready to take on the role of an information assurance analyst, you must be ready to work under tight deadlines and ensure that you meet the client requirements. You should be able to understand the business needs and thrive in a competitive business oriented environment. You should be detail oriented and should keep yourself updated with the current trends in the industry. Good problem solving ability with effective skills to prioritize work load will ensure timely completion of the alloted work. You should also be able to maintain complete confidentiality of the vital data of the organization. Good analytical and strong communication skills with proficiency in computers would also be preferred.

Educational Background

If you are aspiring to become an information assurance analyst, you need to have a bachelor's degree in computer science, computer engineering, electrical engineering, computer systems engineering, etc. If an individual has some relevant experience in cyber security or information assurance, it would definitely prove to be an added advantage while applying for that particular post.

Work Schedule

The information assurance analyst is expected to work for at least forty to forty five hours per week. However, as he/she needs to work under tight deadlines, he/she may need to work for longer hours in the evening or sometimes even on the weekends and holidays.

Salary Details

The salary package is normally decided on what educational background an individual has, his/her skills, abilities, and experience. It may differ depending on the type, size as well as the location of the company. The salary normally ranges in between $45,000 to $80,000. However, those with a demonstrated track record can earn a salary close to $110,000 to 120,000.

Career Prospects

With the rising trend of storing all the vital information in computers, the need for protecting and securing such data has definitely gained much significance in the recent times. Therefore, there is no doubt that the career prospects look bright and promising for those aspiring to make a career in this field.

Thus, this can surely be one of the most lucrative and rewarding career options for you, if you are able to shoulder the information assurance analyst responsibilities efficiently.

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