Information Services Analyst Responsibilities

The effective implementation of information services analyst responsibilities is essential to maintain a smooth work flow of the relevant technical functions of the organization. The information services analyst serves as the interface between the information services staff and the end users. He/she is the key person responsible for providing support in all the functions related to hardware, software, and is equally involved in the maintenance and implementation of the organization's computerized information systems.

Key Responsibilities of an Information Services Analyst

This is the most basic and primary position responsible for assisting the help of desk functions and providing the necessary support to its users and help them in resolving their issues. The role and responsibilities of an information services analyst may vary from one organization to another. Here are some of the key responsibilities that need to be carried out by an information services analyst and depending on the organization he/she may need to perform, some additional duties as well. The following points given below will help in giving you a better idea:

  1. To be involved in various duties related to maintenance and implementation of the computer information system including duties related to troubleshooting of any type of hardware, software, or any other peripheral issues.
  2. To maintain a log of the user calls, to maintain a track of the issues faced by them, to prioritize these calls, resolve their issues promptly, and to direct them to the appropriate department to ensure their timely response and confirm that issues which are unresolved are escalated.
  3. To receive requests for various hardware and software issues, to determine the severity of the problems faced, and to ensure that they are being directed to the appropriate staff members.
  4. To be involved in the installation and up gradation process and perform the relevant repairs of the damaged parts and components and to ensure their appropriate functioning.
  5. To be involved in performing the basic investigation of the issues and to refer more complex problems to the higher authority.
  6. To identify the recurring issues that are being faced by the users and make sure that there is proper system and data backup.

In addition to these duties, the information services analyst may assist in the designing and programming of database and maintain all the relevant logs, reports and records related to the information services programs. He/she participates and attends the meetings of the organization and remains abreast with the newest trends in the field of information systems. He/she is responsible for maintaining the inventory of the relevant software, hardware, and other relevant supplies and makes requisitions for it whenever there is a requirement.

Essential Skills

To ensure success as an information services specialist, an individual must be able to identify the issues and should be able to handle the problems faced by the end users. He/she should be able to maintain effective working relationship with the staff members and solve their problems promptly and efficiently. He/she should communicate in a clear and concise way. He/she should be well-equipped with various troubleshooting techniques and should remain abreast with the technological developments happening in the relevant field. Attention to details, patience, commitment, etc., are some of the other skills required.

Educational Background

The basic educational criteria that is needed to be eligible for the post of an information service analyst is a bachelor's degree in information science, information technology, or any other relevant field. A master's degree would prove to be an advantage. Additional certification would definitely be a plus.

Work Schedule

The information services analyst needs to work for at least thirty five to forty five hours per week, Monday through Friday. If there is any emergency situation, he/she may be required to work extra in the evenings or at nights. Sometimes, he/she may be required to work on the weekends and public holidays.

Salary Details

The minimum salary offered for an information services analyst is $35,000. The experienced individuals can get a better salary package ranging in between $75,000 to $85,000. It may vary according to the location, type, and size of the organization an individual is working in.

Career Prospects

The demand for information services analyst is definitely going to rise in the coming years with more organizations becoming technosavy, and hence the need to hire the information services analyst. Moreover, there is ample scope for growth and development.

Thus, you must handle the information services analyst responsibilities well in order to ensure success and take your career to greater heights.

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