International Trade Analyst Responsibilities

The international trade analyst responsibilities and duties include completing the job responsibilities and functions of a foreign business analyst. He/she observes the transfer of products and services between countries all across the globe wherein everybody is able to get in touch with each other. He/she works in independent as well as state-supported firms and organizations because different organizations and governing authorities are focused towards comprehending and grasping the concepts and regulations of global trade and merchandise.

With the development of web network and other advancements, the transportation of commodities and goods between two different nations has become very communal and simple, creating even more number of business possibilities and requirements for the international trade analyst. He/she studies and analyzes the business styles of the organization concerned that are currently active while carrying out the global transfer of products and services. He/she keeps himself/herself continuously acquainted and updated with the latest and current financial and economical trade developments, enhancements and advancements.

Key Responsibilities of International Trade Analyst

Educational Qualifications and Skills Required

The international trade analyst has to hold a minimium of a bachelor's degree in business administration, wherein he/she majors in management. He/she could also obtain the same degree and major in finance or international business. The candidate could also specialize in any other similar field or branch of education.

Holding a bachelor's degree would make him/her eligible for this position and he/she would also require some years of working expertise. Apart from this, he/she could also acquire a master's degree in the same field. This would enrich his/her managerial skills and he/she would have all the knowledge required to hold this position.

Also, having a master's degree in business administration with majors in finance or a related field like international business would open the job doors for him/her, and he/she would be able to get short listed for many better jobs in the future. Thus, there would be multiple advantages of obtaining a master's degree.

He/she should have worked as a domestic business analyst in the past in order to graduate to the next level or position of an international trade analyst. Besides these qualifications and work experience, he/she needs to possess some skills that would help him/her to work efficiently and effectively.

He/she should have good interaction and outstanding computer programming skills. Apart from these, he/she should have good investigative, studying and project administering skills.

Working Conditions

The international trade analyst works in a typical office setting wherein he/she analyzes the business project undertakings and has to meet the company targets and objectives by working overtime quite frequently.

He/she generally needs to work for long hours and has to focus on and study the details of his/her work very carefully for its successful execution. He/she works for abour nine hours in a typical working day with his/her working hours getting extended, quite often, as mentioned above.

His/her weekly offs depend on the timely execution of his/her tasks and also on the kind of job he/she undertakes.


The international trade analyst earns a handsome salary of about USD 107, 000 per annum on a median basis.

Thus, the international trade analyst responsibilities include analyzing the business trends of the organization and achieving the business analytical objectives and targets of the same.

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