Biochemist Job Description

The study of human bodies is known as biology, but the human body is also made up of chemicals, and the study of these chemical is known as biochemistry. The scientists who study biochemistry are known as biochemists. Read the biochemist's job description given to know more about this profession.

Biochemists not only study humans, but all the living things including plants. They study what chemical changes take place during functions like reproduction, metabolism, after death, etc. There are many different fields which biochemists can choose and specialize in.

Some work in research while others work in applied research. The difference is that in simple research they study changes taking place under different circumstances. While in applied research, they manipulate the circumstances and observe the changes and develop solutions from thereon.

One important responsibility in a biochemist job description is to develop medicines. They study viruses and bacteria and find out their chemical composition. Based on the bacteria or viruses chemical formula, they develop medicines to counter it. This makes it easier to make medicines that can completely eliminate it.

They also study fruits and vegetables and derive the nutritional value of each of them. With this they know nutritional value and the amount calories gained from each fruit and vegetable. This information is extremely useful to doctors, nutritionists, dieticians, etc. This will help design special diets for patients wanting to lose or gain weight, or for patients recovering from illness.

Some biochemists also become teachers or professors; they work in schools and colleges. However, they first have to get a teaching degree along with their biochemistry degrees. Only then can they be able to work as teachers.

Biochemists should know how to use the latest equipment used in biochemistry. They also need to have access to a laboratory where they can conduct their research work. For more relevant information on this profession, read the remaining biochemist job description.

Duties and responsibility of a biochemist

Education required by biochemists

Career Advancement

Some biochemist work in pharmaceutical companies, and they move up in the management of the organization. They can become head of their laboratories. Really good biochemists become independent consultants and they are hired by government agencies.

The biochemist job description is a lot more than studying just chemical compositions of living organizations; they help develop new and effective medicines on diseases that are hard to cure.

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