Fashion Merchandiser Responsibilities

Fashion merchandisers mainly work for the textile manufacturers, fashion designers, designer retail outlets, or costume suppliers. They are responsible for forecasting fashion trends, attending fashion shows, collaborating with designers for designing the costumes as per the customer's preferences, and advertising the same through various media.

Key Responsibilities of a Fashion Merchandiser

Fashion merchandising combines the likes of marketing and fashion designing, and develops a whole new business from it. It includes buying the fashion products like apparels, accessories, and footwear in bulk, and selling it to various boutiques, retail outlets, and individual customers. This process involves marketing and advertising the products in the target market, organizing attractive product display in the fashion outlet for attracting the customers, and conducting market research for studying current trends for formulating appropriate marketing strategy.

The key responsibilities of a fashion merchandiser comprise:

Required Qualifications and Skills

The basic qualification required to be eligible for making a successful career in the field of fashion merchandising is a bachelor's degree in business management, fashion designing, or sales and marketing. Most of the fashion merchandisers enter the market as assistant merchandisers and work under the supervision of senior merchandisers. Senior merchandisers who need assistance in fashion merchandising hire junior level merchandisers and offer them on job training and train them to detect the quality of purchased merchandise as per the fashion style.

Apart from the educational qualification, a fashion merchandiser must also show certain skills for carrying out the responsibilities effectively. Skills required for making a mark in fashion merchandising comprise:

Salary Compensation

The average annual salary of an entry level fashion merchandiser falls in the range of $38,500 to $49,000. As one gains experience in this field, the average salary range increases up to $69,000.

As per the United States Department of Labor, the future prospects of this profile is not as bright as the other profiles in the fashion industry. The job market for fashion merchandising is expected to reduce in the near future. Though there is lesser scope of advancement in this field, fashion merchandisers do make a progressive career in this field. All they need is the ability to judge fashion trends and considerable business sense. So if you wish to start a career in this profile, knowing about the roles and responsibilities of a fashion merchandiser will prove beneficial in starting your career accordingly.

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