CEO Job Description

This is the absolute top job. CEO is the head of the company. This is the highest posts one can get to, but it takes years of experience and hard work to attain this status. To know more about this top job, read the CEO Job description provided for your benefit.

The CEO is responsible for all the major decision taken in the company. Nothing can move forward without the approval of the CEO. However, this does not mean every decision has to go them for approval; there are other responsible individuals in the company who are in charge of other work. The major business related decision re approved by the CEO in the board of directors meeting.

The CEO is the head of the board of directors in most companies, but it depends on the hierarchy of the company, sometimes the chairman is the head. The CEO is responsible for the business of the company. Here lies the risk in their job. If the company is found to be indulging in illegal activities, the CEO may even face jail time, and it has happened before where CEO's have had to go jail, because they are the representatives of the company and nothing happens without their approval.

All the departmental heads report to the CEO. The CEO will take reports from them and plan future course of action in consultation with other top brass of the management. All the future strategies and businesses are planned by the CEO. They are the ones who decide about promotions in the company. The CEO's are paid extremely well. They are also given stock options and the best benefits of the company.

To study this post further, go through the CEO job description given fully understand the requirements of the job.

Duties and Responsibilities of a CEO

Education Required for the Post of CEO

Career Advancement

This is the top job, but based on the hierarchy, they can move to the post of Chairman or President, whichever is the highest.

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