Certified Public Accountant Job Description

Maintaining financial reports to calculate profits and get tax benefits is the most tedious job which everyone cannot handle easily. These reports are analyzed and maintained by the accountants. Public accountants work in the organizations which offer accounting services such as setting accounting systems, calculating tax returns, profits, investment to the public charging some fees from them. Some professionals work as public accountants after completing their graduation or post graduation in the relevant field while some apply for certification exam (Uniform Public Accounting Exam) and work as certified public accountants (CPA). The responsibilities of any normal public accountant and certified public accountant are similar but being certified by the National Board they have added advantage over others. Here is a detailed certified public accountant job description given for your help.

Job Responsibilities of Certified Public Accountant

Skills Required in a Certified Public Accountant

Educational Requirements for a Certified Public Accountant

To work as a certified public accountant one should posses a bachelor's or master's degree in accounting or finance or any other relevant trait. Passing the Uniform Certified Public Accounting Exam after completing the master's or bachelor's degree is also essential to obtain certification in public accounting. People having experience in the accounting firms or any financial firms also have good opportunities with bigger firms at higher positions.

Compensation Offered for Certified Public Accountants

Some people work independently taking contract from small business organizations. The annual earnings of self-employed public accountants may vary depending upon the companies they work with and their individual charges. People who are employed at private and public firms earn about $40,000 to $60,000 per annum. Experience, skills and state may cause variations in the salaries.

Certified public accountants usually work in offices and sometimes they conduct audits at clients place visiting their offices. Skilled certified accountants get good opportunities and good salary packages. So this is a good career to opt for if you have expertise in calculations, financial legal issues and interest in working as accountants. Hope this certified public accountant job description helped you understand the pros and cons of this career.

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