Chemist Job Description

Chemists are required in many industries. They are the most sought after people and people wanting to make career in this field have taken a good decision. Chemists are basically scientists who study the chemical formulas of any substance and make new formulas to invent new things like medicines or chemical procedures. Their area of work is vast almost all industries employ them. To know more, read the chemist job description we have given for your benefit.

The work they do depends upon the industry they are working in. If a chemist is working in the pharmacy business, they will be responsible to study the chemical formulas of medicines and make better formulas to improve upon existing medicines. They also work under the guidance of doctors to make medicines for more incurable diseases like HIV. This job requires a lot research and hard work. They have to study the diseases to understand it and then they make the medicines accordingly. However, this is just the pharmacy field; they are employed by many more industries.

Chemists are also employed by government agencies and used in many fields. One such field is pollution control. They work closely with teams of experts and study pollution patterns and come up solutions to control them. The education one needs to become a chemist is expensive, not to mention hazardous working condition. However, the chemists make a good living and have ample opportunities of advancement, plus they get great health benefits.

Chemists have to work in large team of experts; hence, team work is one quality is required by them. Research and development is their main job, be it any field, so they have to be willing to study all the time. These are just a few of the duties of a chemist, to know about it in more detail, read the chemist job description given below.

Duties and responsibilities of a chemist

Education required for a chemist

Career Advancement

Chemists with experience take up senior and managerial posts in the place they work. Many of them also move onto to teaching chemistry in high school or colleges. Chemists working in hazardous conditions get a large salary and complete health care benefits.

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