Construction Superintendent Job Description

If you have seen a construction site, you will know that there are a hundreds of individuals working there, but who manages all of these people? It is the construction superintendent who looks after all of them. The superintendent is in charge of all the construction workers and it is quite a responsible job. Read the construction superintendent job description, for more information on this profession.

Real Estate is an industry that requires a lot man-power, despite sophisticated machinery being used nowadays; you can never remove manual labor from this industry. The construction superintendent has the laborious task of managing all the construction workers. There could be a few workers or there could be hundreds, the superintendent manages them all.

The superintendent has to assign duties to the workers and manage their different shifts. They have to keep a close watch on all the work that is happening and make sure nobody is slacking off in doing their duties. The superintendent carries out inspections of all the construction work that is going on.

They make sure that all the building plans are followed as per the designs of the engineer and architect. If there are any problems with the construction work, the superintendent will report the matter to the higher management and ensure that the problem is corrected with guidance from them.

The superintendent also distributes the pay checks to all the employees. They have to solve any disputes that arise between the workers. Safety is important issue at a construction site and the superintendent has to ensure that all the safety checks are in place. They also have to make sure the quality of the materials is good, if not, they have to report of the management. These are just few of their duties, read the construction superintendent job description, given in more detail below, to know more about this profession.

Duties and Responsibilities of a Construction Superintendent

Education Required for a Construction Superintendent

Career Advancement

Good work and experience in this field could help them land jobs with big real estate firms that pay really well.

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