Correctional Officer Job Description

The profession of a correctional officer is highly misunderstood, and it has not helped that it has been depicted wrongly in films and on television. Read the correctional officer job description we have provided for you. It will provide the correct information about this profession.

The correctional officers are the guards working inside prisons. Their main job is to make sure that prisoners behave themselves even in the prison. They have to escort them all over the prison and have to keep a close eye on the work done in the prison. Scuffles and fights are common in prison, so the correctional officers have to stop them.

There is risk involved in this job, but the risk factor is also dependent on the kind of prison they are guarding. The correctional officers guard city, state and federal prisons. There are also low security prisons for white-collared criminals where the risk factor is less.

The main job of the officers to make sure that no one escapes from the prisons. They also have to do regular checks on the prisoners for contraband and weapons. Prisoners are known to make shanks and shivs for brawls. The correctional officers have to make sure that such weapons are confiscated in time. This is an important part of the correctional officer job description.

The correctional officers have to be in good shape and should have adequate training to tackle difficult situations. They also have to keep a close watch on the relatives that come in to visit the prisoners. The relatives sometimes bring drugs for them hidden in bags or even on their body. Hence, the officers have to closely watch over all the meetings.

The correctional officers have an extremely difficult job, but they are doing a great service to the society. They can even recommend names of prisoners for parole. To know about this profession in finer detail, read the correctional officer job description given below in bulleted detail.

Duties and Responsibilities of Correctional Officer


Career Advancement

The correctional officers move up in the prison management. The highest position they can get upto is the prison warden, but to get here they need to have good education and lots of experience.

We are seeing a huge staff crunch in prisons, many new prisons are being made, but there are not enough people. Therefore, there is huge requirement in this field. If interested, read the correctional officer job description.

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