Electrical Drafter Responsibilities

The electrical drafter responsibilities include arranging various packages of written papers and drawing the sketches of electrical systems and equipments that are examined by electrical engineers or architects. He sets up exploratory and elaborate automatic, electrical, architectural and civic drawings for a huge number of projects, changes, and propositions using computer assisted drafting equipments.

He also modifies and revises the sketches from time to time, as and when required and communicates with the engineering personnel and the other staff to finish the recognized issues and not deal with them any longer. The electrical drafter is also responsible for drafting intricate electrical wiring diagrams, electrical schematics, mechanical equipments, physical layouts and other special diagrams.

His key responsibilities include the ones listed as under:


The candidate must be an electric designer and complete a 2 year associate degree in drafting available at community colleges. He must have electrical engineering skills that would help him progress in his field. Having good drawing skills is very important. Apart from all these, he must have good communication skills. Having a four year degree would be an asset for this position.

Working Conditions

He works in an office and has to handle multiple projects simultaneously. He works about 8 hours everyday on an average and his job is quite stressful. He deals with electrical engineering all the time and comes across electrical engineers and drafters.


He draws an average salary of about USD 60,000. But this varies from place to place and depends on the size of the firm where he is employed. Thus, the electrical drafter responsibilities include preparing the documentation packages for inspection by the electrical engineer or architect.

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