Environmental Graphic Designer Responsibilities

Environmental designing is a field which embraces various disciplines of designing such as architectural, industrial, landscape, graphic, interior design, etc. All are related to the visual aspects of communicating information and identity, way-finding and designing a structure. Environmental graphic designer responsibilities cater to huge variety of products which include packaging, websites, magazines and books, displays, exhibitions, computer games and advertising. Work of these designers include architectural graphics, mapping, dynamic environment, exhibit design, signage, wayfinding systems, themed environment, retail and store design, civic design, pictographdesign, etc.

Graphic designers are keen in bringing many types of communication alive. This job post demands creative flair along with a discriminating business sense. Their task is to produce design that conveys their client's message through visual impact.

What are the Tasks, Roles and Responsibilities of an Environmental Graphic Designer?

Graphic designers have to perform a variety of tasks other than creating designs. Those who work for a nagency may have to take briefs from their manager in order to directly deal with the clients. They also have to coordinate with other team members such as photographers, copywriters and sales staff involved in the project. These are certain responsibilities of an environmental graphic designer:

Required Skills and Knowledge

An environmental graphic designer should have specific skills and knowledge that is required to become proficient in their work.

Required Education Qualification

An aspiring environmental graphic designer needs to have a bachelor's degree in visual arts, graphic arts, graphic design and related areas such as marketing, advertising, English, public relations and psychology. A candidate with an undergraduate degree in the same field with associate's post graduate courses are required to fulfill the technical aspects of the job. To get employed at a senior post, they need to have one year experience in Environmental Graphic Design, Architectural signage, Industrial Design, Graphic Design or associate's degree in Graphic Arts, Graphic Design or Visual Arts.

The effective graphic design programs include computerized design, website design, printing techniques, animation and multimedia. Graphic designers need to keep themselves up to date on graphic design software and new technology on their own or by the formal courses available in the various university programs.

Job Outlook

Environmental graphic designers who are proficient in website design and animation can get better opportunities in new media - internet advertising, mobile phone applications and social networking sites. They can get employed by large corporations where they have to work in standard office working hours. Self employed graphic designers or those who work on contract basis have to often work for irregular hours in order to complete the task in the given time frame. This often involves work in the office, computer or studio. Basically, being creative is one of the prime environmental graphic designer responsibilities.

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